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Anonymous whispered: Could you draw Greed telling Envy that he is an ugly bitch? ^.^


wow thats really mean

Unlikely Places | Envy, Greed, & Skylar



That’s it. His breath caught in his throat. They were going to leave. He’d run out of time, and there wasn’t anything that he could have done. Or at least, not that he knew of. Perhaps there were things he could have said, or explained, if he only understood them, and what they really wanted. If he had been able to tell them what they wanted, would they have let him go? It didn’t seem that way. All he knew was that he should never have approached the man in the first place. That was the one thing he could have changed. He’d known better, and it still hadn’t made a difference. It didn’t matter that it wouldn’t do him any good now; he couldn’t help but to think about it. Because what could have been was so much better than what was.

He exhaled, chest falling, breath quivering in his throat. Should he stand up, now? Would they be angry if he didn’t move to go with them? Or would they want him to wait for them to tell him what to do? Neither of them had spoken directly to him yet. His mouth tightened, gaze searching them both uncomfortably. It seemed safer to stay where he was. The second man stepped closer to him, footfalls shuffling in the darkness. He eyed him warily, biting the inside of his lower lip.


Words that he knew he would never say stilled somewhere in his throat. He wouldn’t plead with them to let him stay; it would only make everything worse.

But it was hard to think of anything else, when he could feel the panic rising in his chest again, rushing chilling adrenaline into the pit of his stomach and the tips of his fingers. A light, tingling sensation that made him feel sick. It was hard to stay quiet, when every inch of his body screamed for him to somehow save himself. His heart had quickened, and he could feel himself shaking. It felt like everything was just passing him by, and it was passing too fast.

Even if for some unforeseeable reason the warehouse was in use again, it should still have been serviceable, unless there simply wasn’t enough space. They had the middle of the fucking night on their side. And that’s about all we have. But, either scenario was unlikely. It wasn’t as if Central was exactly lacking in storage facilities. It had been well and wholly closed off for years, in case any unfortunate souls went snooping about. Odds were, it was untouched. He sniffed, arms crossing over his chest. He didn’t expect that they would be bothered, and if any commotion did arise, silencing it wouldn’t prove anything more than irritating. Well, he supposed that was debatable. It might just break the ice. Or break something, anyway. Either way, it couldn’t be entirely negative. Yeah fucking right.

He swept back his hair, gaze flashing in the direction of Central, slices of crimson narrowing against the blackness. They just had to end up in the middle of fucking nowhere’s-ville, naturally. Even so, they would have plenty of darkness left. As far as he was concerned, that was all that fucking mattered. If they were going to push against the grain, they might as well push fucking hard. And they would see just who was laughing when they were done.

Envy lifted an eyebrow, lips parting to flash teeth.

"Would you like a formal invitation?” He sneered a little. Of course, he fully expected Greed to wait for his say.

He waved a hand, turning away from his brother. They had wasted more than enough time.


"Let’s go."

He exhaled, arms unfolding, glancing over his shoulder briefly.

"Get it done as fast as possible, and keep both eyes on the fucking brat." If his brother had another untimely episode, he swore he would fucking kill him. If he was lucky. Sparks of crimson flashed, momentarily illuminating the area surrounding him, crackling from his veins, and he took the shape of a black horse.


He avoided the forms of animals whenever possible, as they were never all that pleasant. But neither was losing two years of your life and finding out you got fucked while you were ‘away’. And he had just about had enough of that. The more time he had to abduct Pride and then scope out the area, the better. Without wasting another moment, he took off into the darkness, leaving Greed and the brat behind in a matter of seconds.

He puffed out a short sigh, brows knitting, folding his muscled arms. “Yeah, yeah——will do, man.” He gave a thick sniff, shifting his weight from one foot to the other as he leaned back on the heels of his boots. Look who’s freakin’ talkin’, asshole——hell, he had a feeling he’d wind up keeping better tabs on the brat than Envy would’ve, any old day. He let loose a long, flat exhale, slim fingertips swiping the bridge of his nose, dusting the ends of his inky tresses.

All else aside, he was damn sure that he’d estimated the little punk’s potential value a hell’ve a lot better than his brother had. And needless to say, he wasn’t really in the mood to see anything else that might’ve benefited them in the long-haul get fucked up, and fuck them over by extension, make no mistake about that. Heck, if he had his way, he’d have everything nice and smoothed over by the time that the three of them were together again——and it wasn’t like Envy could very well bitch and moan about that.

He took a step towards his brother, opening his mouth to speak in preparation to depart, but was cut short before he’d even really had the chance to register what was going on. He startled a little, heart leaping into his throat, bouts of adrenaline spiking in floes, but remained firmly planted atop the cracked earth as a flash of crimson engulfed the night, sending a flurry of vermilion sparks up into the air.

——what the——?!

"Jeez! The hell’re you——?!" He recoiled a few inches, carmine eyes widening, tensed digits scraping the surface of his palms.

Well, shit——his brother had transformed. He stood there, speechless, pulse throbbing in his head, an inky blot against a backdrop of charred foliage. But he’d scarcely blinked once before Envy rounded, and began to pelt down the incline, lost to the darkness and vanishing into the trees. His shoulders slumped, and he blew back his bangs, eyes narrowing a sliver, lips flattening out. 


Man——he guessed he should’ve seen that one coming.

Fuckin’ asshole. He shook his head a little, chin bowing, teeth gritting as his heightened pulse receded, fingertips clawing across his face. Yeah——good fuckin’ riddance, then.

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Anonymous whispered: I once sold a few of the new recruits for a box of tea. It lasted longer than they would have anyway.

"Mm——slick, man. Freakin’ slick."

Unlikely Places | Envy, Greed, & Skylar



He felt his throat tighten, each moment that passed bearing down heavier than the one before it. Even so, he couldn’t wish for it to just be over. He wasn’t brave enough. No matter how terrible they were, the minutes or seconds that remained were all that rested between him and whatever was going to happen. The time that he never wanted to come. Perhaps it would have been easier to just get it over with, but fear kept him rooted to the spot, and he couldn’t feel anything else before it. They were drawing closer and closer to when they would leave, and there was nothing he could do about it. They weren’t debating anymore; it was clear that they, or rather the second man, had already decided what they were going to do. And that meant they were going to take him somewhere, away from here. Away from home.

He gulped a little, breath pinching in his chest. What if he was never able to come back? Moisture pricked at the corners of his eyes, glossing over. It had been so easy to leave everything else behind, here. He would never have asked for anything else. He could have stayed here forever. But now, he might never see it again. His gaze searched through the darkness, anxiety rising in his chest. He could feel his heart, fluttering in his chest, pulsing in his head. The sound made him feel like he needed to do something, but what could he do? He looked back at the two men, eyes misted. They weren’t different from anyone else. If anything, they were worse.


The second man started to speak again, seeming to lay out a plan for whatever it was that they were going to do. His heart quickened further, an icy rush chilling the length of his spine. This was it. Even so, he felt a flicker of relief stir in his chest when he went on to say that the first man would be the one taking him. He let out a quivering breath, looking between them both. He didn’t really dare to hope that he could convince him to let him go, but he didn’t seem nearly as dangerous, or frightening. And anything was better than having to stay with the other one.

He flicked back a lock of hair, fingernails sliding over his forehead, letting out a breath. Finally, they were getting somewhere. Particularly after everything that had already transpired, he certainly wasn’t about to claim any grand slams until they’d been won, but shot in the dark or not, this was the most tangible plan they had drawn together so far. Or rather, he. His mouth hardened slightly. Because it didn’t rely on the cooperation or sanity of anyone else. Tension flexed in the tips of his fingers, hands curling into fists. It was a pathetic fucking truth, and one he’d rather not think about. Although the prospect of using him against his will sounded gratifying at this point in time, in way, seeing Pride again was the last thing he wanted to do right now.

His tongue curled over his upper teeth, a flicker of irritation moving across his face. But, that didn’t fucking matter. Pride, and the fucking sniveling brat, were the two key elements in the entire operation. He sniffed distastefully, glancing at his brother. The shock was apparent, plastered wide and pale over his features. Yeah, that’s right, I thought of a way, asshole. If he hadn’t been sure of that, he wouldn’t have set upon it in the first place. Of course, his brother’s words hardly lived up to his expression. Envy rolled his eyes, giving an indignant sniff. To tell the fucking truth, he was well beyond caring. They had more important things to worry about. Like where they were going to do this.

There were plenty of unoccupied places in Central; he knew the whole city like the back of his hand. Still, as long as they remained as regrettably in the dark as they were, they needed to be careful. Especially when you took into account that they were going to be dealing two fucking brats. He breathed a disgusted sound under his breath. It just had to be kids. For once, he might have been thankful for his brother. He had actually managed to avoid tacking on a slew of ill thought out remarks, and had just agreed. Except, of course, there was never really anything to be thankful about when it came to Greed.

Yeah, I’m getting there, asshole. Envy glanced over the shadowed forest surrounding them, not responding immediately to his brother’s question, breath hissing out through his teeth. It would need to be somewhere that was likely to have remained unchanged, given that two years had passed. Not that they couldn’t relocate if necessary, but he really didn’t want to sort out anymore needless complications. He skimmed a few of the first possibilities that came to mind.

"There’s an old warehouse on the far eastern side of Central. It used to be an entrance to our headquarters, so we had it closed off after we stopped using it. It’s not likely anyone’s tried to do anything with it." It was well off the beaten path, which was preferable, given the level of security he’d undoubtedly be fucking with at the Bradley Manor.

"It’s number six in that district, so just find the warehouse lot, and you can’t miss it." He paused, raising eyebrow. "Or rather, you shouldn’t be able to.” His upper lip curled slightly. Of course, if they actually failed to show up, he wasn’t going to be happy. Still, he did expect Greed could do this much, even if not much else.

"Meet me there as soon as you find the book."

Envy straightened up a little, smoothing over his clothes, and he directed his attention towards Central. They were going to do this.


He rolled his eyes, muscled arms folding, pale lips giving a subtle twinge. “Right. I’m on it, bro.” An abandoned warehouse. Heck, that sounded like a solid bet, and they’d probably have plenty of space at their disposal to boot, which would only be an added bonus. Honestly though, he would’ve rolled with just about anything at this point, be it solid or not, so long as it meant they wouldn’t have to leave the city again for a while.

The trek back to Central was gonna be a motherfuckin’ pain in the ass, in itself——and literally, at that. He was beyond exhausted, and every muscle in his body ached from here to hell. To tell the truth, he’d been running on adrenaline for a while, now. He’d had more than his fair share of places to go, and shit to do for one freakin’ day.


And this ain’t over, yet.

A slight frown creased his chiseled features, and he straightened up a little, resolution setting his jaw. Shit, though——there was no denying that this was the best he’d felt since they’d first started running out of options. And fuck, he expected it was about as good as he was gonna feel, until they got all of this under control, again. He exhaled a heated breath, brows threading, dampened vapors flecking the hazy air.

Hell, I ain’t complainin’——I’ll take what I can fuckin’ get.

Make no mistake, it was a motherfuckin’ relief and then some just to be able to do something——anything, that might not result in another freakin’ dead end for them, even if the underground was really the last place that he felt like going, at the moment. Bu then, he’d already seen and done plenty of shit he would’ve rather forgotten about in the past twenty-four hours.

Enough to make his skin crawl.

He stiffened, dark lids flickering, chills raising the flesh on the backs of his arms and hands. But all of that was in the past, now. Yeah——and this time, they were gonna get some answers. They were gonna dig their way out’ve this shithole, for good. He was fucking pumped, He stepped sideways, black boots scuffing the dirt, closing off a few square inches between himself and the boy, hands settling down in his pockets once more.

"So——y’ready t’get outta here, then?" He turned towards his brother, brows lifting, claret-hued pinpricks permeating the gloom.

Unlikely Places | Envy, Greed, & Skylar



He remained frozen, waiting on baited breath from where he watched in the shadows. His throat shifted in a tense swallow, and he peered at them tentatively, pulse fluttering anxiously in his chest. For a long moment, he thought the fighting would continue. The air felt tight, and he didn’t like the way they were looking at each other. It felt like at any time, the other man would attack again. A weak grimace trembled on his lips, and he sucked in a little breath. He hadn’t moved from where he had fallen back against the earth; fingers still spread over the ground behind him from where he had caught himself. The longer it went on, the more it felt like there was no way out. What was going to happen to him…? He felt his throat tighten.

Slowly, he drew his fingers forward across the earth, tucking his legs up against his chest again, all movements near silent. For now, they weren’t paying any attention to him, but he had no way of knowing how long that would last. He rested his chin in the crevice between his knees, watching them carefully, eyes large and glossy. At least…now it didn’t look like they were going to fight again. Maybe what they needed to do was more important. But that meant…

His breath caught, entire form tensing. That meant they were leaving. They were actually going to take him away. Suddenly, it all felt uncomfortably real. His heartbeat quickened, until he could hear it pulsing in his head, making his breath come faster. If they took him away, he might never get back. Immediately, the need to run was strong again. He could feel the panic swelling in his chest, making his body feel light with adrenaline. And it was terrible feeling. He swallowed, gaze flickering nervously, eying his home where it rested at the center of the clearing. It was too far away.


He would never make it. And even if he did, they would find him, and they would catch him. And it would just make everything worse. His mouth quivered a little, stressing, remaining rooted to the spot. It all felt like it was happening so quickly, and he didn’t know what to do. No matter what he did, they were never going to listen to him.

Tch. A single breath hissed tightly through his teeth. He could have put him back on the ground. Sure, he claimed to be listening, but nothing had changed. His mind just didn’t work that fast. A few solid hours in time out might have actually made an impression on his thick fucking skull. It wasn’t as if he was being remotely useful as it was. A sneer twitched on his mouth, curling back his upper lip. He wanted to teach him a lesson. Things really weren’t the way they used to be anymore. His hands tightened, curving slightly, and for a short moment, his gaze remained fixated on his brother, unyielding, face drawn in a glower. They could play this game all fucking night, eventually Greed would have to realize it didn’t fucking work that way.

But they didn’t have time for that. Fuck it.

He sniffed distastefully, fingers flicking with irritation, letting the moment pass after planting one final, warning look on his brother.

"Ooh, layoff? Hah, I didn’t even get started, pretty boy.” He gave an indignant snort, rolling his eyes.

And if he pushed the limits again, he would get to see exactly what he meant by that. He straightened up, casting a hand through his hair. For now, they had far more important things to do. They had wasted more than enough time on behalf of Greed’s inability to keep his mouth shut. Now, if his brother could manage to can it for a while, they might actually get some shit done.

Oh, for fuck’s sake.

He looked at Greed, eyebrows lifted, entirely unimpressed. Really.

"No, I was thinking we’d just stay out here and play hooky.” He rolled his eyes again, exhaling a disgusted breath. If this ever really ended, he was going to sing the fucking praises.

"Maybe if you’d shut the fuck up for a second, I could work out what we need to do." It was about the only useful thing Greed could do. It certainly would have been easier to think if the tempting prospect of tearing his brother’s head off wasn’t dangling in front of him.


Ugh. He pinched the knit of his forehead together. The transmutation would be a shot in the dark, there was no getting around that. That being said, they would still need something to work with. He’d been working on that when Greed had decided to start running his mouth. Fuck it. Think. It wasn’t exactly the type of thing you found in your every day library—-

Father’s alchemy book. He froze for a moment, heart pounding, the realization washing over him. Fuck, why hadn’t he thought of that before? Hell, it didn’t matter. Finally some good fucking news. There was no reason why it shouldn’t have still been there. By the looks of the place, no one had fucking cleaned it up. He exhaled, looking up.

"Once we get to Central, we’ll split up. I’ll take care of getting Pride. You go back to our headquarters. You know Father’s alchemy book, right? That should have the information we’re looking for. Find it. It should be somewhere in his chamber." That isn’t too difficult for you, right? If his brother fucked up one more thing, he was going to wish he’d stayed out in the woods.

Envy cast a glance over his shoulder at the boy. “And take the fucking brat with you; I can’t have him getting in my way. Security’s probably tenfold by now anyway.” Of course, he would have sent the kid with Greed anyway. It was the least he could do. He sniffed. Either way, they were in for a fucking headache. But he had no intentions of stopping until they were on top again. And then they would see who was laughing.

He blew back his bangs, brows lifting, arms crossing, mouth snapping shut. Well, heck——if Envy wanted to be left alone with his thoughts, he sure as fuck wasn’t gonna press the issue. Odds were, he’d still be standing here an hour later, when his brother hadn’t managed to carve them a path out of this mess——now, if only he could’ve said that wasn’t his fucking problem, either. He puffed out a flat exhale and looked away, scarlet eyes finding the boy, keeping him in his sights——‘cause hey, why the fuck not? It was more than his brother was doing, anyways. Envy spoke up again after a moment, but he wasn’t really paying attention, anymore. Besides, it didn’t sound as though he had much of anything new to say——just the same old half-assed load’ve bullshit.

Or so it seemed, to begin with.

In closing, Envy’s words jerked him from his muddling thoughts, settling atop the surface of his skin before sinking in all the way, permeating his pores and spiking throughout his veins from there on out. He blinked once, red eyes widening a little. Holy fucking——their father’s alchemy book. Man, why hadn’t he thought of that? His brother was right, of course——it’d do the fucking trick, if anything could. Sure, the underground was a motherfucking train-wreck and then some, but he couldn’t fathom any reason why the item in question wouldn’t have been left there. From what they’d been able to deduce, it wasn’t like the others would’ve had time to pack their bags before clearing out——it had to be there. His heartbeat quickened, pattering behind his ribcage, thumping in his ears. 

Hell, he wasn’t about to act like he hadn’t been giving his brother enough credit——there were still a heck’ve a lot of variables to be considered. But he sure was fuck wasn’t complaining, either.

He clawed a hand across his forehead, smearing chilly perspiration, giving stiff nod. “That’ll do it, man——fuckin’ A.” He straightened up a little, muscles tensing, fingertips glancing his ravened hair. There’d be no guarantees, make no mistake about that——but this, at least, was something to go on, and that was more than they’d had to work with, before. Shit, they might’ve had a decent shot at getting Gluttony back, after all. Talk about a motherfucking weight off his shoulders.

His brother spoke again after a moment’s pause, turning his attentions back towards the boy once more——and even as the words left Envy’s lips, he could feel himself spiraling back down to earth, again. Man, talk about a motherfuckin’ buzz kill. His lips thinned out, tightening to form a cynical grimace, his slim digits giving a subtle twinge. Great——trust his brother to stick him with the dumbass kid. Do I look like a fuckin’ babysitter to you, asshole? His eyes narrowed a fraction, brooding, muscled shoulders hunkering a little. As if pinning the task of retrieving the book on him hadn’t been bad enough——he was pretty freakin’ sure that neither of them wanted to set foot in that hellhole again, if they could help it.

Of course, when you got down to it, he guessed he would’ve preferred that the little punk tag along with him, than spend the next couple of hours with Envy——he knew what it was like to be stuck with Envy, and he wasn’t enough of an asshole to wish that upon anybody else. Not that he was about to say so out loud, either. Besides, they were gonna need the kid in one piece, and in much better sorts if they wanted him to preform the necessary transmutation——and it wasn’t like Envy’d be able to pull that one off.

On top of that, his brother did have a point, although he didn’t really wanna admit it. It wasn’t like the little brat would do anything but complicate matters with Pride. Shit, as much as he didn’t wanna go back underground, he was just as happy to keep from getting tangled up with their eldest brother. Plus, Envy’d already had the chance to familiarize himself with the layout of the manor. There was really no denying that he was better suited to the job. All things considered, maybe what his brother had asked him to do was the lesser of two evils, after all.

He folded his arms, and cast a sidelong glance in the direction of the boy before returning his eyes to his brother again, giving a thick sniff. “Yeah——I gotcha covered, bro.” He shrugged his shoulders a little, reaching around, rubbing the back of his head.


"And, uh——what’re we gonna do after that? Y’want us to meet’cha halfway, or what?" They’d need someplace sheltered and preferably out of the way to preform the transmutation——someplace other than the middle of the motherfucking woods, that was. He didn’t much fancy the idea of dragging his ass all the way back out here again, and besides, it’d be daylight by then. Not the best of times to go flying something so potentially indiscreet under the proverbial radar, if you asked him.

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Anonymous whispered: Who's body do you like better? Your old one or this new one?


"Well, uh——y’see, man, the thing is, I dig all’ve my shit about the same. S’why I go outta my way t’own so freakin’ much’ve it. ‘Sides, this body looks a hell’ve a lot better with me in it, y’know. And, uh——just for the record, pal, both of ‘em belong t’me. "